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An FCC Order You Should Not Ignore

By Larry Gray

Mar 31, 2022
Learn about the POTS system and why the FCC is retiring it in this article by Portland Oregon IT experts, Fixed Fee IT.

The plain old phone system (POTS) lines are analog copper phone lines that once connected the phone, fax machine, and alarm system in your office. As we move into the digital age, this system has become well, old.

As with any outdated service, there comes a time when it becomes cheaper to replace it than maintain it. For POTS lines, that time has been set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as August 2, 2022. Order 10-72A1 has mandated that all POTS lines in the US will need to be transferred to or replaced with an alternative service.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

While many businesses now use digital services for these systems, it is possible your office may currently be utilizing a POTS line. If you work in an older building or have older technology, we encourage you to check the following services:

  • Alarm Systems (Fire Alarms, Security Systems, etc.)
  • Elevator Phones
  • Emergency Call Boxes
  • Security Gates or Doors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Other business communication services
  • Phone Lines and Fax Lines

Do You Have to Replace Your Equipment?

For some systems, such as the call box in your elevator, there might be options available to adapt to digital phone lines. This could help alleviate some of the potential expenses, while also keeping business disruptions to a minimum. Different systems will have different requirements, so each vendor you use may have different suggestions for your specific situation.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Vendors of your alarm, elevator, call box, security gates, etc., will be able to tell you if you are using a POTS line, along with suggesting alternatives that will suit your business and minimize disruptions. Give them a call and ask how these changes will impact you.

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