How to filter unknown messages

How to Filter Unknown Messages on iPhones (Video)

By Ashlyn Eperjesi

Aug 25, 2021
In this tutorial from Portland Oregon's expert IT service providers, Fixed Fee IT, you'll learn how to filter unknown messages on iPhones.

We recommend watching this video tutorial so you can see MFA in action.
You can also read our written tutorial below.

Blocking and filtering any unknown messages is critical to your personal security. One of the most common social engineering attacks we see is phishing attempts through text messages. You’ve probably received a text saying something similar to, “your Bank of America account has been locked. Click here to unlock it”, just to then realize you don’t even have an account with Bank of America! Or, perhaps you do – so you click the link, enter your login information, and unknowingly hand over access to cybercriminals.

That’s why filtering and blocking messages is so important. So, Let’s get started.

First, let’s look at how to filter iMessages from unknown senders.

1. Go to the settings up.

2. Then, go to the messages tab.

3. Once there, you will turn on “filter unknown senders”. Enabling this feature will turn off iMessage notifications from any number that is not in your contacts, and then puts them into the unknown senders' tab in the messages list.

For your security, if this is enabled, Apple doesn’t let you open any links in messages from unknown senders until you add them to your contacts or reply to them.

Next, let’s learn how to block messages from a specific phone number

1. Open the message conversation with the specific phone number.

2. Then, tap the name/number at the top of the screen.

3. Then, the “i” to the top right.

4. Next, click the “info” button, to the right of the screen.

5. Scroll down, then tap “block this caller”

You can manage your list of blocked numbers by going to the settings app, clicking “messages”, then “blocked contacts”.

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