How to enable automatic updates

How to Enable Automatic Updates on iPhones (Video)

By Ashlyn Eperjesi

Jan 4, 2021
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to enable automatic updates for iPhones and iPads from Portland and Beaverton Oregon IT experts at Fixed Fee IT.

We recommend watching this video tutorial so you can see MFA in action.
You can also read our written tutorial below.

Today we're going to walk through a basic but important step in keeping yourself protected digitally: How to update your iPhone.

If you're anything like most iPhone users, you ignore update notifications way longer than you should. It may seem like a chore or a hassle, but technology updates include more than adding new emojis. Important security features and repairs are also included in these updates.

In fact, it was recently reported by a Google Project Zero researcher that some iPhones had a vulnerability that allowed hackers to remotely reboot and control the device. They had access to your messages, emails, photos, and even the phone camera and microphone. Pretty scary, right? Well, a patch for that came out in May of 2020, so as long as you updated your iPhone then, you’re safe. But that’s why updates are so important.

How to Update Your iPhone

1. Grab your iPhone. If an update is available, Apple does a really good job of making that obvious. Oftentimes, you’ll get a popup on your screen saying “update iOS 15 available”. Or it may show a red #1 bubble on your settings app. If you can’t find the settings app, you can swift left and search for it using your phone's search bar.

2. Go to Your Settings. Towards the bottom of your screen, there will be a “General” tab, with a gear symbol. Again, if an update is available, there will be a red #1. Click that general tab. Then you’ll see more tabs! Follow the red #1 or go to the Software Updates tab.

3. Download and install the update now or Enable automatic updates to be done overnight:

To enable automatic updates

Select that tab at the bottom and make sure both “download ios updates” and “install ios updates” are enabled and green. Make sure your phone is connected to wifi and charging before you go to sleep, otherwise your phone won’t perform the updates.

To install an update immediately

Click the “download update” tab. It will ask for your phone's passcode, so type that in. And now you’re updating. You’ll see an estimated time remaining before your phone goes through the process of finalizing updates and restarting. This could take a while, but you can still use your phone during this time.

After your phone is finished updating, you’ll need to enter your passcode again, and then you’re all set! See, updating your iPhone is pretty painless once you know where to go. Enabling automatic updates makes it even easier.

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