SOC2 Fixed Fee IT Audit 2

Why is our SOC2 Critical for your Company?

By Larry Gray

Jul 13, 2022
Why is a SOC2 Type 2 Accreditation important for your firm? Portland Oregon IT support and managed service provider Fixed Fee IT explains the importance of this yearly audit when it comes to cyber security, compliance, and the safety of your business.

Makes it Easier to Obtain Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance providers love it. Many, if not most, require it. It simplifies their evaluation and makes it easier to give you that stamp of approval. It is proof your IT Support team has a strong, strategic and reliable cyber security program. With our SOC2 attestation, our clients experience a simplified application process.

Helps Reduce the Cost of YOUR Cyber Insurance

Insurance providers focus on risk, or more specifically, risk mitigation. The quality of your cyber risk mitigation and security program is directly related to your insurance premiums. As a company that uses a SOC 2 Type 2 audited IT services provider, you represent a lower risk to them. That lower risk is often reflected in lower premiums for your company.

Helps you Pass Compliance Audits

SOC2 Type 2 is like a Golden Ticket for the IT section of your audit. The standard process of evaluating your IT department is already done. Instead of the auditor spending countless hours at an expensive hourly rate, they simply obtain the audit. It’s the proof they need to confirm we are compliant with their required standards.

To learn more about the SOC2 Type 2 compliance and standards, check out our blog post, What is SOC2 Type 2 Compliance?

Helps you Protect your Business and Mitigate Risks

Organizations that adhere to SOC2 Type 2 dedicate themselves to best practices with a focus on a secure and reliable IT System. At Fixed Fee IT, all our services are SOC2 aligned. Our clients benefit from our dedication with a lower risk profile and increased defenses against the majority of attacks.

3rd Party Independent Proof You Can Trust IT to US

Many IT support companies provide cyber security. It’s an indicator of how important cyber security has become. Without a governing body, there is no barrier for these companies to add cyber security buzz words to their website. Do they have process, expertise and strategy to back it up? How do you know if their cyber security program is real or deceptive marketing?

SOC 2 Type 2 is proof. You don’t have to take our word for it. Every year we invest 3 months with an independent third-party auditor. The auditor reviews all our processes, procedures and confirms that we are exceeding the best practices set out by the SOC 2 Type 2 framework. After reviewing, the auditor develops an opinion and details their findings in an independent report. This review and report attest that Fixed Fee IT is doing what we say we are doing.

For more information on the SOC® process, check out the AICPA's resources.

Fixed Fee IT’s audit was performed by KirkpatrickPrice, a licensed CPA firm, providing assurance services to over a thousand clients in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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