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Fixed Fee IT has provided IT support and Managed Services to Oregon SMBs for over 26 years. We understand first-hand the unique challenges in industries like Legal, Accounting, and Wealth Management. That’s why we curate our services to help your specific needs and business goals.

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Industries We Specialize In

We understand the unique needs of your industry, from compliance and regulations to deadlines and important dates. We specialize in IT Managed Service and support for SMBs in Wealth Management, Legal, and Accounting industries. Don’t see your industry here? Reach out anyway – we have over 26 years of experience helping Oregon small businesses. Learn more about how we help your unique industry needs.

An IT Service Partner for Your Business

Your IT Support shouldn’t slow down your business. That’s where an IT partner comes in. We become your outsourced IT Team and a part of your business, which leads to fast, responsive, and proactive solutions to your technology needs. Let’s make sure we’re a great fit from Day One. We could be great partners if:


You want an IT Team, not one IT person

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Cyber Security and Compliance are important to you


5-100 people at your company

Get IT Help that Makes You Happy

Fixed Fee IT provides a team of IT & security experts to keep your business Protected, Productive, and Happy. Let’s set up a no-hassle, no-commitment consultation to learn if we’re a great fit for your team.

Recently we have transitioned from a traditional IT support and service model to the Cloud model which has dramatically reduced our IT costs without any compromise in service or technology. This transition has allowed us to reduce our energy costs, which has assisted our company in reducing our carbon footprint. Since Fixed Fee IT is part of PGE's Clean Wind Energy program, this further supports our company's sustainability goals.
— Mark Edlen, CEO
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